7 facts about Blue Seven:

  our coldstore is one of most modern in our region - North Poland,

  we have European Union export permition and creation of bonded store for products with duty unpaid,
         and also permition of export products to other countries (Romania, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria,
         Moldova, Serbia and Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia,
         Albania) and Switzerland,

  we are using moveable stands and specialistic logistical equipment,

  we are renting of accommodation for stores, warehouses and offices,

  we cooperate with many companies from Poland and from abroad,

  we take care about satisfaction of cooperators,

  we build solid partnership relations with our clients.

We invite to meet our offer.

Blue Seven Sp. z o.o.
ul. Struga 15, 70-777 Szczecin
NIP 955-20-47-205
KRS: 128935
e-mail: blueseven@blueseven.pl

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